20 Teenagers and Peter Thiel all want to prove that you don’t need a degree to succeed.

Oh how the times “they are are-a-changin'”:

The information age creates new paradigms long before universities can adopt them. As this more and more becomes the case; life experience is proving to be just as useful to make a living as a college degree.

Evidence of this is everywhere take for instance just looking at a single class of higher education – LAW:

  1. Law Schools lowering tuition
  2. Scholarship mistakes costing law schools millions
  3. Law schools lying to prospective students about the potential jobs

With the “mountains” (once a firm place to build your future on) of the educational system collapsing around them a new generation of thought leaders and entrepreneurs are emerging everywhere to pick up the latency between what is known and what is taught.

In the tradition of men like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Buckminster Fuller, successful, but un-lettered, leaders like Bill Gates, James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs who, along with many other successful college dropouts, forged ahead to make their dreams come true despite not having any college credentials.

For anyone who as their eyes open, the evidence is all around from documentaries about and amazing group of young business owners like the startup kids, to remarkable stories about independent game developers doing it all on their own, to independent recording artist leveraging crowd funding to make their next album a reality. These and many other events like today’s story really show how apparent it is that times are changing.

We are migrating away from “highly educated” leaders toward high toward “highly experienced” ones. Some have even put together articles on the most useless degrees out there. Yup the times are changing indeed.

Today’s top story about 20 Teenagers who get $100,000 to drop out of college and start a business is clear evidence of this change in paradigm.

Read more about the news and information related to this remarkable phenomenon here.






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